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Which mobile phones does SonicHandy support?

SonicHandy works with every Android v2.1+ smartphone, and almost all Sony Ericsson featurephones. It can also work with other featurephones or equipment which obeys GSM protocol standards.
Android Sony Ericsson

Note for CDMA phone users: If you are using a CDMA phone, you won't be able to read messages from the phone, due to SonicHandy being designed for GSM protocol. However you will be able to send, delete, and store messages to the phone.

Can I send free messages with SonicHandy?

No, not by usual meaning of the word free. SonicHandy is a way to manage and operate your mobile device from the PC to make your life easier. All traffic between your device and your GSM operator (SMS messages in our case) is charged according to your operators' current charge rate. When you send a message with SonicHandy, all charges of your GSM operator apply just as they would if you are to send the same message typing directly to your mobile phone. SonicHandy does not present any additional charges in any way. To find out your current messaging rates, please consult your mobile operator support.

How much network data does SonicHandy consume?

This should concern you only if connecting your phone through mobile carrier (mobile data connection), because most people have restrictive mobile data plans. SonicHandy is very modest regarding network traffic. When left connected and idling, it consumes only about 13 kB of data per 1 hour. That's only 130 kB / 10 h. If you left it connected for 24 hours it will consume only around 0.3 MB of network traffic. This increases depending on how much personal data you transfer to or from the phone per session. For example if you load 1000's of messages from the phone, network traffic will of course be larger, but not too much. 1000 messages transferred with SonicHandy carry a payload size of only about 200 kB. In any way, SonicHandy will always tell you how much data was transferred in current session, so you are always in control.

Why should I get a Pro license?

A license removes promo signature from sent messages. It also supports app development and encourages us to improve faster. It can be purchased directly from an Android phone using Google Play, by clicking the in-app purchase button within the Android app.

What is "Shadow processing"?

When SMS arrives to Android system, it arrives in the form of a binary data chunk called Protocol Data Unit, or PDU. Android will then extract information it recognizes - like sender, message text, and date (pretty much that's all) - discarding the rest of the PDU which contains more information than this. EMS data is just one example, unsupported by Android. SonicHandy saves incoming SMS PDUs to ensure not a single bit of message information is lost - even when not running - if Shadow processing is enabled. If you disable Shadow processing, incoming PDUs will only be saved when SonicHandy is running, so it is advised to keep this option enabled. The same goes for call data also.

Why doesn't SonicHandy work with my mobile phone?

/Concerning non-Android phones only/ Here's the thing. SonicHandy is designed to follow certain standards in order to be able to work with many different brands of mobile devices. Unfortunately, there's a lot of buggy devices on the market which don't care much for standards, or even don't have some crucial features implemented at all. If a device doesn't follow standards SonicHandy can (and in many cases is) able to recognize that, and work around the problem. But SonicHandy simply can't work with a device which lacks some crucial features. The only choice then is to upgrade devices' firmware and try again.

What is the difference between various SMS types?

  • Standard message allows a maximum of 160 characters per SMS, and is sent using standard GSM encoding.
  • Unicode message is sent using Unicode encoding, and allows a maximum of 70 characters per SMS, but without restrictions on characters you use. You can use any international letter or a symbol.
  • Flash message is much like a Unicode message, but is intended to be displayed on the screen immediately upon reception. Some devices will promptly flash the message on the screen, while others (mostly modern) devices will treat it like a normal Unicode message.
  • SonicHandy message is a SonicHandy-specific message type that allows you to send a maximum of 252/201 characters per SMS. Will not be properly recognized if it's not read from within SonicHandy.
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