SonicHandy is back, and stronger than ever — A whole new experience, after quite a while!

  • New, unconstrained license model: Free license for any number of devices, but Androids can get a Pro license with the in-app billing. This license removes the promo signature in sent messages, and supports the development!
  • Android: Kitkat and Lollipop compliance. Sms works without problems!
  • Android: New companion app. Get it directly from the Google Play.
  • Miscellaneous improvements


  • Access your displaced phone from anywhere in the World over the Internet — Automatic Launch&Connect over the Network
  • One-Click Connect — Automatic network setup for easy connecting
  • Call log management w/ ring duration data — great for missed calls
  • Greatly improved Contacts management
  • Industry standard RSA/AES encryption of Client↔Phone↔Cloud communication
  • Negligible phone battery usage, especially when idling
  • Negligible data usage when connected over mobile data — saves money
  • UPnP network protocol support for seamless network configuration
  • Caching of data for faster and safer data manipulation
  • Remedy for Androids' SMS and call timestamp issues when traveling to different time zones
  • Button to silent the sound of incoming call without answering
  • Install and register the Program without administrator privileges
  • New license options and pricing starting from $2.00
  • Improved Device Reports for Android devices
  • Fixed: Program startup crash on some Windows 7 and Vista systems
  • Fixed: Android Service must be restarted to connect over Bluetooth
  • Fixed: Archive Send to→ command for contacts and calls
  • Fixed: Occasionally international letters would be wrongly interpreted when loading phonebook from the phone
  • Fixed: (feature phones only) When messages could not be loaded for some rare phones
  • Misc: Works only with Android service v2.0+
  • Misc: Config file option 'OverrideLicenseForSignature' no longer supported
  • Patch 2013–06–20: Compiled new executable to be compatible with Windows XP again


  • Fixed: program unstable or crash after some timely operations (eg. SMS memory cleanup)
  • Fixed: SMS memory cleanup operation on Androids
  • Ask for the new connection password if changed, instead of disconnecting
  • Android service upgrade to v1.7.1


  • Faster message sending if store to device option is enabled
  • Fixed: Message deleting
  • Some other minor tweaks


  • Phone locating feature*
  • Program can now be installed without administrator privileges
  • Description field when sending device report
  • Fixed: Propagating connection parameters from the Add New Device Wizard to device properties
  • Fixed: Some memory leaks
* Androids only.


  • Android handsets support
  • Connect using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, or any other TCP/IP network method
  • Encryption of data flow between our service on the handset and the PC client*
  • Password protected access to the service, prevents identity spoofing*
  • Improved Add New Device Wizard
  • Slight changes in default color theme
  • Fixed: Send contacts from Archive to device
* Androids only.


  • Patch 2011–12–13: Fixed Facebook ID retrieval bug
  • Device Export Wizard
  • Device Import Wizard
  • "Send to ➔" command: Easy data transfer between devices
  • "Show this conversation" Archive command
  • Archive auto update
  • "Program statistics" dialog
  • New Explorer-like appearance
  • Device tree infotips
  • Drag Contacts and Archive device tree items
  • Preserve list scrolling positions
  • "Send a message" dialog updates
  • IMSI and IMEI numbers preserved, so available if phone gets lost or stolen


  • Local contacts management
  • Send contacts phone-to-phone, PC-to-phone, and vice versa
  • Facebook integration
  • Browse your complete data Archive (history)
  • EMS enhanced messaging
  • Insert animated emoticons to outgoing messages
  • Save message to phone memory drafts
  • Drafts Edit & Send
  • Graphical emoticons
  • Change program's colors and graphical theme
  • Get phone picture from the Internet
  • Device power saving mode
  • Support for high DPI and multiple displays
  • Battery remaining time and charger connected indicators
  • Write A Message global system hotkey (Ctrl+Shift+W)
  • Date when a contact was added
  • Quick Scan option for easier adding of devices to program
  • Program status dialog, with information about memory and CPU usage
  • Up to 5x faster, 3x less CPU usage, and 25% less memory usage than previous versions
  • Fixed a glitch when sometimes memory was corrupted if using phonebook cache, or auto phonebook updating
  • Minimum supported system is now Windows XP SP2
  • Improved stability
  • Many bug fixes


  • New practical Home panel
  • Automatic conversion of unsupported message characters
  • Contact preview panel with contact picture
  • Contact picture preview
  • Other user interface improvements
  • Improved stability
  • Bug fixes


  • New free Home license, Professional commercial license
  • Microsoft Windows 7 ® compliance
  • Smart contact adding, editing and deleting
  • Attach a picture and a comment to your contact
  • Number type flags
  • Poke a person
  • Photocall
  • Skinnable icons and picture elements
  • Set a picture for your phone
  • URL recognition in messages
  • Improved stability
  • User interface improvements


  • New shareware license: 30 day trial period
  • Even more phone models supported
  • Device diagnostics, to tell you exactly what is the compatibility of your phone
  • New program icon
  • "Auto connect on startup only" device option
  • "Archive&Delete Sent messages on connect" device option
  • "Load from cache" phonebook option
  • "Minimize on close" program option
  • Message preview button in Send a message dialog
  • Simple SonicHandy game: Punch SonicHandy logo and enjoy beautiful plasma effect
  • Improved archive files loading
  • Improved correspondence history: Messages history, Calls history
  • Improved status area notifications for incoming calls and new messages
  • Improved usage statistics for phonebook
  • GUI improvements
  • Various bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Major GUI improvements
  • Windows Vista compatibility issues resolved
  • Drafts and History items
  • Calls received list
  • Add New Device Wizard
  • Adaptive background phonebook loading/updating
  • Phonebook storage filter
  • Contacts editing
  • Store sms to device memory feature
  • Intelligent overall device health indicator
  • Vibrating alert support
  • Manual date and time setting
  • Improved SMS Memory Optimization algorithm

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